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All I got to say is: eff me.
Honestly, how much harder can it get?! Uh, I think me being a complete amateur in the 3D design field is kind of... the reason why everything seems so hard at the minute.

On a side note, I think I have finally created a roleplay (on Gaia Online) that is worth the time I have put into it. Everyone is so dedicated and are working very hard not to let it die easily. People have no idea how much this actually motivates roleplay maker to continue on working on the... project? Not sure if you can call it a project, but there. I called it project. So another word for roleplays should be now projects!... o-O Or summthin?

Check out my instagram when you have a spare moment?!
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United Kingdom
And so here I am updating my info... again.
So in the world of virtual information I go by the name Sunny or Boo. Whichever you would prefer.
I'm no artists. Creative, yes, but no artists. I like taking inspiration from the artists that are around DA and add something from myself now and then. I don't have any sort of field that I work in, I try everything that is out there while I have the time and money.
I love to travel, see new stuff and experience new things (even if I tend to be a little scary cat at first).
I like roleplaying. I will admit that for roleplay I usually use already made images as reference for how my character looks. I'm sorry if I offend you, but meh.
Currently am discovering the world of 3D design, which is already a pain in the butt.

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Your Chibis are so cute I couldn't resist. o-o
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I do enjoy your work. o-o It looks amazing.
Ah was going to ask about your commissions, but I just noticed the little box on bottom of your journal saying it's full. XDD Never mind!!
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